1917 Telephone Directory, Cadillac District, Michigan State Telephone Company

 This 64 page phone book listed numbers for 16 small communities in a 6 county area in the west part of Michigan’s lower peninsula. It came to me with documents and photos from my great grandfather, Luther Finch’s estate. He is in there as well as other relatives: Herman Schroeder-my great grandmother’s brother, Fred O’Rorke, step uncle to grandfather Earl Finch; both from Arcadia; E (Edwin). O. Thompson from Bear Lake, another great grandfather;  Edward Rebman at Copemish, my mother’s father; and various brands of cousins. The sixteen communities included Cadillac, Bear Lake, Benzonia and Beulah, Buckley, Copemish, Dighton, Frankfort, Harlan, Honor, Mesick, Thompsonville, Arcadia, Hoxieville, Hartwick, Marion and Lake City.

I scanned the phone book and you can click the five PDF files I created to see if you can find some of your own people or read some of the interesting advertisements.

  1. Pages 1-12: advertisements, policies, company officers. 
  2. Pages 13-26:Listings-Cadillac, Bear Lake. 
  3. Pages 27-43: Benzonia-Beulah, Buckley, Copemish, Dighton, Frankfort, Harlan.
  4. Pages 43-52: Honor, Mesick, Thompsonville, Marion.
  5. Pages 53-64: Arcadia, Hoxieville, Hartwick, Lake City.