1942 Haying in Arcadia Township

This picture was taken about 1942 in Arcadia Township, Manistee County, Michigan. It shows haying on Luther or Earl Finch’s farm which were located next to each other. Luther Finch is the elderly man in bib overalls standing on the ground. He was 90 years old in 1942. (He died in 1943). On top of the load of hay ,L-R, are William Pauquette, Nelson Finch and Earl Finch. Standing, L-R, Paul Finch, Luther Finch, Margaret Patterson, Donald Swisher, Tom Toohey, Harry Patterson (boy in bib overalls), Charles Kirchmeyer, Theodore Manke. Sitting, L-R, are Al Sorenson, Clarence Towsley (behind Harry’s legs), Bernard Finch and Mr. Anderson. If you compare this to the picture on page 61 of The History of Arcadia ,1980 (republished 1993) this one was taken after the other,;the positions of the children have changed. Nelson Finch was my father, Earl Finch my grandfather, and Luther Finch my great grandfather. It’s the only picture I have with them together.