The 1893 (Maybe) Tintype

I think this photograph, a tintype 3 X 4 inches may have been taken at the time of the Chicago World’s Fair or Columbian Exposition of  1893. The two standing women wearing traveling outfits are great great aunts, sisters of my great grandfather Luther Lee Finch -Elizabeth E (Eliza) on the left and Minerva on the right. I don’t know for certain who the seated woman is and am reaching out to others who might know. I know from the Petoskey newspaper that Eliza and Minerva, the Misses Finch took the steamer  “Petoskey” in mid May 1893 to Chicago but I don’t know when they returned to Petoskey. People often made much longer trips and stays in the 1800s than we do today, sometimes weeks and months. One version here is the way the photograph looks in real life today. The other has been cropped, enlarged and the contrast improved with software.

3″ X 4″ tintype in original state as received.

Tintype, cropped and contrast improved with software.