Lest We Forget – Memorial Day 1945

The May 29, 1945 issue of the Manistee County Pioneer Press published in Bear Lake, Michigan commemorated the 37 soldiers, sailors and airmen from Manistee County who died during the previous year. Those from the rural parts of the county had pictures included and those from Manistee City were listed in the text. Added to the 22 deaths of previous years, there had been 59 deaths to that date, and there were still three more months to go before Japan surrendered. My grandfather Edward Rebman saved this paper, perhaps because of information about Loren Reed , Jr., son of a neighbor in Pomona- a mile or so away. This copy is yellowed and in bad condition, so I have scanned the front page to preserve the information and I’ll print a full size copy on archival paper to save to my files. If you like to arrange to get a digital file or a copy on archival paper contact me at steve@dryhillpress.com